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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

Addressing mental health in schools should be critical in today's society. Not enough schools are taking advantage of this opportunity to help young children grow and better themselves as an individual. More schools are realizing how important this topic is and Pewaukee School District should do more as a whole. Teachers, administrators, and even parents should be more involved to decrease the number of shootings, overdose, and suicides. This can all be supported with additional, mandatory, classes that students are taking through 4k-12th grade.
Although Pewaukee School District is doing some things touching on mental health, there definitely could be more support systems. Throughout elementary and intermediate school there were guidance classes. This stops in 6th grade when honestly the only amount of stress or anxiety some kids might have is returning a library book on time. Younger kids don't have a ton of responsibilities that older kids have, like AP tests and ACT/SAT. According to source B, “Many estimates show that even though mental illness affects so many of our kids aged 6-17 at least one-half and many estimates as many as 80% of them do not receive the mental health care they need.” When guidance stops at Pewaukee, you are 11 years old. That means ages 12-17 kids aren't getting ANY guidance for any mental health. Besides, 80% of the kids won't get the help they need and are feeling overwhelmed with work (source A). With having guidance through all grades of school, the outcome would result in support groups, stronger bonds with adult figures and creating Pewaukee a safe environment to go to school.
Going along with creating guidance through all grades, kids should be allowed to have more “mental health days”. Mental health days need to be taken more seriously since the purpose is to allow your body to recover from stress, anxiety, and depression. “When someone is sick they take a day off, because resting up will make you feel better, and if someone is having an anxiety attack, taking a day off can make you feel better” (source D). Not everyone will need to take mental health days but if they are taken seriously, they will do more good than allowing your anxiety to take over your whole day. Pewaukee School District should acknowledge the fact that occasional mental health days are good to take since the person is trying to recover from major mental health issues.
Although there are solutions on how Pewaukee School District can be more involved in mental health, not everyone will take it seriously. According to source D, “More than 30 states have moved to integrate physical health and behavioral health services, as Michigan is now debating. States want to lower costs, reduce service duplication and improve care coordination and quality for their residents. But each state has taken a slightly different approach based on its experience in managed care, patient needs, and political will, according to a report by Open Minds Institute, a consulting firm in Gettysburg, Pa.” Mental health has become a topic for debate when the simple answer is to help people struggling. It may be difficult to kick start this in some schools but if each state takes it one step at a time it will be taken more seriously. Once more people read information about mental health and understand the effects of it, action will happen all around the world. “The law itself is somewhat vague, requiring only that mental health be taught in some way” (Source C). Although it is a requirement for mental health to be taught in some way, it hasn't been taken seriously and some schools have been ignoring how important it is. Political debates are already changing over this topic so even though some groups of individuals do not see mental health as clearly, laws will be changed to help out the younger (and older) population deal with mental health.
In conclusion, not only can Pewaukee School District do more dealing with mental health, but all schools can. It is a difficult topic to talk about since some people may view it as less important than others. Overall mental health is a serious condition that almost everyone has to deal with. Pewaukee can provide guidance through all schools and have mental health days be acceptable. This will create a supportive and safe environment for all students to go to. I was looking for sociology research paper topics to do my own one. This website contains a rich database of templates, and they are free to use. I read them and coped with my paper.