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Educational Outreach
Education is important in our corporate mission.

From "Peter and the Wolf"

OUR 2009-2010 PROGRAM
We are currently developing a ballet program entitled "Carnival of the Animals and Why We Dance" which is geared towards students in Grades K-5.  The 30-45 minute program will be free of charge this season in accordance with a grant application to NY State. It will feature a short story ballet of Carnival of the Animals, with music of the same name composed by Camille Saint-Saens and touches on the art of choreography and styles of ballet. Our ballet will have several sections depicting the various animals and ideas presented by the original music.   Some movements will be larger ensemble pieces and others, solos, duets, and trios. Familiar items in the classroom will be used as props and costumes. We will incorporate the literary artistic talents of the elementary students themselves by asking them to write poems about some of the animals --- the lion, the chicken, the turtle, elephants, kangaroos... --- before our visit so we can recite the poems during the show.  Please email us for scheduling information.

OUR 2008-2009 PROGRAM


The Prelude Ballet Ensemble has prepared "Peter and the Wolf" as an educational outreach program to present to schools and other organizations interested in exploring dance and music. Our "Peter and the Wolf" production has a target audience of grades Kindergarten though fifth introducing children to the art of dance and musical instrumentation and how they combine to tell a story. We are currently booking performances with local school systems and would love to work in conjunction with elementary school music teachers to bring this wonderful ballet to your school. There is no cost associated with our presentation as education is foremost in our corporate mission.

Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev wrote a piece of music to introduce children to the instruments and sounds of the orchestra.  He authored the story and composed the music we now call "Peter and the Wolf."   In the story, each character is represented by a tune from a specific musical instrument.  The story tells of Peter and his adventures with the animals in the meadow near him home.

Proposed Program:

  • Explanation of ballet.  Short history and basics.  Includes having the audience stand and participate in ballet positions
  • Explanation of choreography.  Classical versus contemporary. Evoking a mood or feeling.  Includes having the audience stand and participate in changing movements to evoke a feeling.
  • Presentation of Peter and the Wolf.  A narrated performance showing Peter and his animal friends, each represented by a different musical instrument, in the meadow one day.


"A growing body of studies, including those in the research compendium of Critical Links , presents compelling evidence connecting student learning in the arts to a wide spectrum of academic and social benefits."*

"Learning experiences in the arts contribute to the development of academic skills, including the areas of reading and language development, and mathematics."*

"Arts learning experiences contribute to the development of certain thinking, social and motivational skills that are considered basic for success in school, work and life."*

*Source: National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. (2006). Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement. Author: Sarah S. Ruppert. Funding provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.


Prelude Ballet Ensemble is a not-for-profit ballet company in the lower Hudson Valley. Our mission is to bring to the community a love and respect for the art of ballet. The mission is accomplished by presenting opportunities for the public to enjoy stories told through ballet in venues such as schools, churches and theaters. The Ensemble presents lecture demonstrations and educational outreach through programs developed by the Prelude Ballet Ensemble to schools and local groups such as the Girl Scouts of America. The Ensemble aims to promote an awareness of and appreciation for the art of dance as a form of communication and expression to the local community. Prelude is a not a dance school, but a dance company open to students of all dance schools.


We will bring our program to your auditorium, gym, or cafeteria. A stage is nice, but not required.

Additional Ideas:
This program can be integrated into the classroom through the use of all or some of the following:
  • Language : rewrite the ending of the story or write a folk tale
  • Art : make puppets for the characters and perform to the music
  • Science : discuss instruments and their different sounds, make instruments
  • Music : introduce the instruments, assign children to an instrument, have them pretend to play it when heard in the music
  • P.E .: make up movments to go with this or another piece of music
  • Reading : discuss, research and read folk tales


"Your company provided a wonderful community service"

"The students thoroughly enjoyed both presentations by the ballet students"

"They especially loved seeing students their own age performing for them"

"... my staff was very impressed with the awesome professionalism from such a young cast"

"You brought the Arts to our schools and you educated our students about ballet at the same time"

"The cast was superb in both action and rapport with our audiences."

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 126
Brewster, NY  10509-0126

Email: [email protected]